Things you should do

Are you planning for your next conference venue? Then you will learn a lot from this short article. If you are organizing an event or conference, you need more time and effort and ought to organize it in a great way so that you will get the needed result.

In the first place, you should have a plan- this depends largely on the number of people you will be expecting at the conference venue. The type of conference you want to hold, and how important it would be to attendees. You may have to start planning the conference several months in advance.

Plannig a conference

We are going to discuss this in four stages:

Conference planning Stage one:

  • Setting up the people or group that would organize the conference. Define their roles and responsibility; suggest to them how to work and contact details if you need more directions from you.
  • Set out the goals and objectives
  • get the project specifications ready
  • make plans about the budgets including handouts, transportation, equipment, venue, guest accommodation, entertainment and so on

Conference planning Stage two

  • Get the venue checklist ready- this shows all the things the venue needs to provide for the conference.
  • Research for conference venues on your own too- prepare a shortlist, get free quotes (if possible), and check availability status.
  • Check the availability of key speakers- makes sure you organize things with them very well, so that your conference date does not clash with their schedule.
  • Get presentations, visual documents and handouts ready
  • You need to have an easy and reliable means of communication with your key clients, employees, key speakers and so on.

Conference planning stage three

  • Confirm the conference venue and then book
  • Confirm the number of attendees and send out travel details / location
  • Finalise everything about internal and external transportation arrangements
  • Finalise with the team that will be handling the catering and accommodation issues
  • Finalise social events and entertainment
  • Check computer equipment and audio visual
  • Check this website for more information on venue hire throughout Brisbane

Conference planning stage four: the final stage

  • Arrive at the conference venue earlier and make sure everything is in a perfect form.
  • Take a look at the conference hall, ensure they are clean, seats are well-arranged, good lighting, air-conditions/ heating are in the right place.
  • Check all the power points and equipment- if you spot any issue, kindly call the attention of the venue maintenance officer.
  • Find out from the venue maintenance officer, who to talk with if there is any unforeseen issue or if any of the gadgets goes wrong during the conference.
  • Double check from your entertainment, accommodation and catering committee that everything in their department is in perfect shape.
  • Make sure someone is at the entrance to welcome the attendees and greet them with smile when they arrive and get them settled.
  • Before the closure of the conference, try as much as possible to get feedbacks from the attendees, they need to write down things you did well, and/ or areas they feel you should improve. Tell them to give you recommendations; the recommendations will help you to perform better next time.

When you have decided on a conference venue in Sydney, all you need to do is plan your event around the facilities that the venue offers.