Car Leasing Contract

Cars do not only provide a means of easily getting from one point to another. People are obsessive about them and their worship for the four-wheeled beauties is endless. If you would like to purchase a vehicle of your own, here is some assistance. This car financing guide will present you with the information needed regarding the whole process. It will assist you in getting a successful finance agreement. It incorporates a list of aspects that you ought to think about prior to making a decision.

Be Prepared

Financing a vehicle is not like acquiring a new shirt or a pair of shoes. You will need to be prepared with one or two things.

Car Leasing Borrowing Power

Fine things come to people who wait and plan. So, do not assume you can get your desired car and the ideal loan plan in one day. Prior to you beginning to look for your new or second-hand car, you should sit and determine your car leasing budget. Recognize how much you’ll be capable of borrowing. In addition, determine your monthly disbursements. You can make use of online calculators for this function.


  1. For working candidates – Copies of current pay slips
  2. For Self-Employed candidates – Copies of the most recent tax returns counting complete financials

Novated Car Lease Deposit

Novated Car Lease DiagramThe car trader might ask you to give a deposit towards the novated car lease in order that he can keep the vehicle for you. Deposit is 10 to 20 percent of the vehicle loan amount. It’s not a tiny amount. Hence, you ought to spend a little bit of time getting together the cash for it.

What’s accessible?

Prior to you starting to search for the ideal car loan plan, you should have some fundamental knowledge of the vehicle financing alternatives that are accessible in the market. There’re two major sources of car funding.

  • Car merchant finance (i.e. offered by the car trader)
  • Alternative car funding (i.e. offered by banks, finance companies, credit unions, etc.)

After you settle on on the source of funding, you will need to pick the car financing product. There’re several car financing alternatives to think about.

Personal lease

It’s a perfect option if you’re utilizing the vehicle for personal reasons. The loan term can differ from 1 to 5 years. It is accessible with both variable and set interest rate. Its rates are lesser than other car funding products.

Car Loan

It allows the credit provider/lender to take security on the car that you’re purchasing. It assists them in guarding their investment. To get accepted for car finance, you should buy your car from an accredited car trader. You have the advantage of picking a continuing loan in addition to the residual value.

Personal Loan

These loans can be unsecured or secured. If you choose a secured one, it will not be held against the vehicle that you’re purchasing. The interest rates are a little higher; however; you get gains of flexible loan conditions and simpler authorization requirements.

Therefore, these are the accessible options. Once you pick the car financing alternative, you can submit an application with a lender or merchant. On the other hand, do not be in a rush. Take enough time in settling on the things stated in this car finance guide. It will assist you in picking a beneficial and profitable financing package that will not stress you out.