Nov 9, 2018 - Staying at the Novotel in Sydney

Novotel, of the AccorHotels Group, has definitely upped their game in Sydney by securing prime real-estate spots throughout the city. With hotels in Darling Harbour, city central, and Darling Square, there is a Novotel to suit your needs.

Just take the Darling Harbour for one, it has over 441 standard/superior rooms, 72 executive rooms/junior suites, and 6 lofts – all adorned with either a harbour or a city skyline view. It also has access rooms for bigger groups. It is also conveniently located near the International Convention Centre with a quick access through the Harbourside Shopping Centre. Novotel will make sure that your trip to Sydney, whether for business or pleasure, will always end up with you wanting to come back more.

Novotel hotels are equipped with top-notch facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and even a tennis court. If coming in for business, they have facilities such as an express check-in and check-out system, high-speed internet (free if LeClub AccorHotels member), hotel to city transport, and a full business and secretarial services.

For events and meetings, Novotel also has you covered. Impress your guests with the hotel’s amazing location and book one of the event spaces and even a beautiful outdoor terrace. They have all sorts of areas available for whatever type of event you have, from weddings, office parties, and even formal sit-down meetings. They can accommodate your event needs much as they can very well accommodate you.

There are also a wide variety of food choices in the hotel. Novotel has The Ternary Restaurant which is unbeatable with its panoramic views of the city skyline topped with amazing 5-star quality food. After the sun sets, the restaurant becomes a bar serving a wide range of signature cocktails and wine selections. If you would rather have your sumptuous meal in the coziness of your room, Novotel can also bring The Ternary dishes right at your door for room service. If you are visiting the Novotel near Sydney Central then you might need a place to park your car, there are plenty of parking facilities in the area but if you need more information on parking in the area then click here. If you don't plan on staying long enough to need a car space and you're more on-the-go and looking for a quick and filling meal, the Novotel has you covered with their Zest & Co which provides freshly brewed coffee, juices, smoothies, wraps, salads and soups. However for this you will want to get in early as they serve daily from 6 - 10AM.

What’s Happening

The Sydney Darling Harbour New Year’s Eve party is world renowned for its beautiful weather. Here’s one reason to celebrate the country’s flipped season schedules. As much as winter seems awesome in movies (read: New Year’s Eve, 2011 film), freezing your ass off would not be the nicest way to welcome 2019. So Sydney’s Spring/Summer weather during December is the perfect climate to celebrate NYE outdoors. They also have lively entertainment and amazing light and fireworks show, so you should definitely not miss out. However, securing a good vantage spot would not only be hard but almost impossible with the influx of tourists coming from all over the world. Some viewing grounds don’t even allow alcoholic drinks within the premises and what’s a NYE celebration without a toast? So Novotel Darling Harbour has set up an elegant masquerade themed celebration complete with cocktails, champagne, and free-flowing food and drinks (5 hours). It has uninterrupted views of the harbour so no need to fight over space when the clock strikes 12 and the fireworks fly off. Simply enjoy the company, reminisce 2018, and welcome 2019. Leave the little details to Novotel.

Mar 2, 2018 - Preparing For A Career In Public Relations

Have you ever found yourself thinking ‘what is he saying’ every time you watch TV especially during a crisis or political event? Then, you might not know it yet, but a career in public relations might be beckoning.

Public relations or PR as it is so commonly referred to is a discipline that focuses on managing the flow of information between an individual or an organisation (a business or government entity) and the public. The PR practitioners are also charged with problem solving and when need occurs, creating and controlling how a narrative is perceived by the public. Public relations is to many a social science that people use to scrutinise trends and predict their outcomes. The discipline also takes control of advising organisational heads on their plans of action, message delivery and said message will serve the organisation and its public.

The need for public relations continues to grow and the demand for a well-seasoned public relations practitioner or team continues to rise, which makes educational courses in the field very popular and marketable all at once. What makes for even better news is that for non-residents, PR is one of the courses that can fast track a permanent visa in countries like Australia and Canada more in comparison to other university courses.

Yes, I do know that all this sounds very exciting but how do you get started in public relations?

There are a number of undergraduate courses in public relations in various institutions around the world. More often than not, public relations usually goes hand in hand with communication, advertising or marketing which are all necessary to understand the different markets. Being well versed in various sectors of the economy makes you a priceless asset to the company you are involved with.

The bachelor programs available depend on the country you choose to study in. Joint communications, public relations and public relations management are some of the most common bachelor programs in Canada. Meanwhile universities in Australia generally offer a wide range of courses including PR courses but also offer other courses such as a diploma of journalism at Macleay and other areas of interest.

The highest level of education in public relations is a postgraduate diploma, also known as a graduate diploma. A postgraduate diploma in public relations will give you the understanding needed in key research methods while you learn the social and moral implications of public relations, if you are looking to get started then be sure to click here. The program is usually undertaken after one has successfully completed a bachelor course in the same. 

Some people may consider this overkill considering you would have just spent years for your diploma but let’s face it, proper certification will easily set you apart from other candidates in the market and at the same time, set you up to advance in your career. However, it is worth noting that all the years spent in pursuit of academic qualification will not be in vain. In 2017, Cosmopolitan reported that a public relations director earns an average of $933,000 annually in the UK. Their American counterparts earn between $38,000 and $110,000 annually depending on the position and duties performed. So, if you are planning to begin your marketing career or start a new one and know you need a diploma in marketing then you shouldn't hesitate to secure your spot in the course that's right for you.

In conclusion, given that public relations is an essential service in any office regardless the size of the business, it remains to be one of the most lucrative industries in the world that continues to grow as rapidly as technology does.

Mar 7, 2017 - Planning for a conference

Things you should do

Are you planning for your next conference venue? Then you will learn a lot from this short article. If you are organizing an event or conference, you need more time and effort and ought to organize it in a great way so that you will get the needed result.

In the first place, you should have a plan- this depends largely on the number of people you will be expecting at the conference venue. The type of conference you want to hold, and how important it would be to attendees. You may have to start planning the conference several months in advance.

Plannig a conference

We are going to discuss this in four stages:

Conference planning Stage one:

  • Setting up the people or group that would organize the conference. Define their roles and responsibility; suggest to them how to work and contact details if you need more directions from you.
  • Set out the goals and objectives
  • get the project specifications ready
  • make plans about the budgets including handouts, transportation, equipment, venue, guest accommodation, entertainment and so on

Conference planning Stage two

  • Get the venue checklist ready- this shows all the things the venue needs to provide for the conference.
  • Research for conference venues on your own too- prepare a shortlist, get free quotes (if possible), and check availability status.
  • Check the availability of key speakers- makes sure you organize things with them very well, so that your conference date does not clash with their schedule.
  • Get presentations, visual documents and handouts ready
  • You need to have an easy and reliable means of communication with your key clients, employees, key speakers and so on.

Conference planning stage three

  • Confirm the conference venue and then book
  • Confirm the number of attendees and send out travel details / location
  • Finalise everything about internal and external transportation arrangements
  • Finalise with the team that will be handling the catering and accommodation issues
  • Finalise social events and entertainment
  • Check computer equipment and audio visual
  • Check this website for more information on venue hire throughout Brisbane

Conference planning stage four: the final stage

  • Arrive at the conference venue earlier and make sure everything is in a perfect form.
  • Take a look at the conference hall, ensure they are clean, seats are well-arranged, good lighting, air-conditions/ heating are in the right place.
  • Check all the power points and equipment- if you spot any issue, kindly call the attention of the venue maintenance officer.
  • Find out from the venue maintenance officer, who to talk with if there is any unforeseen issue or if any of the gadgets goes wrong during the conference.
  • Double check from your entertainment, accommodation and catering committee that everything in their department is in perfect shape.
  • Make sure someone is at the entrance to welcome the attendees and greet them with smile when they arrive and get them settled.
  • Before the closure of the conference, try as much as possible to get feedbacks from the attendees, they need to write down things you did well, and/ or areas they feel you should improve. Tell them to give you recommendations; the recommendations will help you to perform better next time.

When you have decided on a conference venue in Sydney, all you need to do is plan your event around the facilities that the venue offers.

Oct 1, 2016 - Using A Creative Builder for Your Dream Home

Custom house builder

The bathroom is one of the most important and frequently used spots in your house. When it comes to bathroom renovations or designs, you need to think about ideas that are fresh, light, colorful and clean. You don’t have to necessarily invest thousands in order to give your bathroom a new look. Check out below a few really creative ideas that do not require huge investments. Bring a touch of beauty to any bathroom with these ideas:

  • Change your old mirror– if you like vintage designs, you could purchase a larger mirror that has a wooden frame, and on each side put wrought iron candle holders with two beautiful candles. This will instantly enlighten up your bathroom and make it more interesting and beautiful. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on this new decor!
  • Rustic accent walls– these are quite trendy solutions nowadays. There are many ingenious mosaic wall types and styles available out there, you just need to select the one that you love the most. For example, there are mosaics which mimic the looks of an entire stack of firewood, and this would borrow a rustic feel to your bathroom. You don’t even have to replace all the walls of your bathroom with this type of mosaic; it is enough if you select to redecorate only one wall or one portion of the wall in your bathroom.
  • Antique style storage cabinets– beautiful, antique white or ivory storage cabinets can borrow an air of sophistication to any bathroom. You might even already have such a cabinet in the shed that you do not use anymore. Bring a touch of vintage to your bathroom which is not only beautiful but practical too…All your towels and bath supplies can be nicely stored in the drawers, and every visitor will surely admire your ingenious idea of redecoration!
  • An extremely luxurious idea… Well, this is not for everybody but if you are a daring type of person when it comes to decorations and renovations…many choose to place vintage style tubs besides the window in the master bedroom. The house doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy, but with a little imagination you can really make this new redecoration idea work. This is a really stylish and exotic bathroom renovation or redecoration idea, as long as you can manage to maintain a beautiful design harmony within your space.
  • Get rid of the old and boring sink. Again, with a relatively small investment you can change the entire atmosphere of your bathroom. Check out the beautiful freestanding American style bathroom sinks available out there, and select the one you like the most. Just above the freestanding sink, place a gorgeous medieval style mirror and your bathroom looks simple yet fantastic!

When we talk about bathroom renovations or redecorations, less is more. Don’t think you will have to invest a lot of money in order to bring a touch of new to your bathroom. As you can note, with little changes you can create fabulous results. Quality house builders like this understand how all of these elements come together.

Browse bathroom catalogs, check out online tutorials, and take your time to create your own personalized bathroom with help from the best ideas out there. Feel better each morning by stepping into an oasis that you have created…with a relatively small investment!

Sep 28, 2016 - The Benefits of Labiaplasty or Liposuction Surgery

Looking for a cosmetic surgeon?This short article will reflect on the advantages of labiaplasty or liposuction as the case may be. This is the process of reducing the size of vaginal lips or labia minora.

Labiaplasty – How to deal with vaginal lips

Vaginal anatomy varies from one woman to another, and it can considerably change over time, especially after childbirth; it can either reduce or expand after childbirth.

Uneven or larger vaginal lips can create a lot of problems; some of these problems can be fixed with simple gynaecological labiaplasty surgical procedure. So, surgical means remain the right and most effective way of dealing with vaginal lips.

Benefits for many women

Labia minora or vaginal lips have created so many concerns for many women. For some people, it is embarrassing to have uneven or excess labia tissue. Women with this difficulty often find it extremely unhappy sharing their sexual experiences.

Larger labia can be noticed easily when a woman is wearing bikini, tight pant or a bathing suit. Thus, undergoing a surgical procedure that would help them to reduce the size of their labia would be the right thing to do. In fact, it would have a positive influence on their private and professional lives. Some women have confirmed this over time. Liposuction is used to treat obesity in human beings.

Other things you should know

For those who really want to reduce the size of their labia. If the size of the labia is considerably reduced, you will see that you will be looking aesthetically pleasing. Long labia will make them to experience some pain during sexual intercourse.

The procedure for labiaplasty

Considering liposuction or labiaplasty?A gynaecologist is the suitable person to perform labia reduction. The procedure usually last between 1 hour to 1:30 minutes. After the surgery, the patient is expected to experience some pains around the vaginal wall for few days before getting properly healed.

Sometimes, labial reduction is combined with other cosmetic processes such as vaginoplasty and clitoral hood reduction. A recent study by health scientists have said that these cosmetic gynaecological surgeries can be done with the help of laser technology.

Also, it has been proved that when it is done with laser technology, there would be lower risk of infection and less bleeding.

Whether the person involved is concerned about her appearance or not, labiaplasty is a wonderful solution that is worth considering any day any time. You will never regret doing so. Liposuction is seen as the most reliable and affordable option any time, any day.

Allowing an amateur practitioner to perform labiaplasty would result to some health hazards. So, try as much as possible to avoid this by meeting a gynaecologist today.

Liposuction can be beneficial as well

There is an ongoing research now to prove whether liposuction specialised surgery is capable of removing cellulite or stretch marks.

We hope this article was helpful? If you still need some useful information about labiaplasty, feel free to browse through the internet. You will get some wonderful resources that would be of great help to you.

Sep 25, 2016 - How To Get Novated Car Leasing Finance Successfully

Car Leasing Contract

Cars do not only provide a means of easily getting from one point to another. People are obsessive about them and their worship for the four-wheeled beauties is endless. If you would like to purchase a vehicle of your own, here is some assistance. This car financing guide will present you with the information needed regarding the whole process. It will assist you in getting a successful finance agreement. It incorporates a list of aspects that you ought to think about prior to making a decision.

Be Prepared

Financing a vehicle is not like acquiring a new shirt or a pair of shoes. You will need to be prepared with one or two things.

Car Leasing Borrowing Power

Fine things come to people who wait and plan. So, do not assume you can get your desired car and the ideal loan plan in one day. Prior to you beginning to look for your new or second-hand car, you should sit and determine your car leasing budget. Recognize how much you’ll be capable of borrowing. In addition, determine your monthly disbursements. You can make use of online calculators for this function.


  1. For working candidates – Copies of current pay slips
  2. For Self-Employed candidates – Copies of the most recent tax returns counting complete financials

Novated Car Lease Deposit

Novated Car Lease DiagramThe car trader might ask you to give a deposit towards the novated car lease in order that he can keep the vehicle for you. Deposit is 10 to 20 percent of the vehicle loan amount. It’s not a tiny amount. Hence, you ought to spend a little bit of time getting together the cash for it.

What’s accessible?

Prior to you starting to search for the ideal car loan plan, you should have some fundamental knowledge of the vehicle financing alternatives that are accessible in the market. There’re two major sources of car funding.

  • Car merchant finance (i.e. offered by the car trader)
  • Alternative car funding (i.e. offered by banks, finance companies, credit unions, etc.)

After you settle on on the source of funding, you will need to pick the car financing product. There’re several car financing alternatives to think about.

Personal lease

It’s a perfect option if you’re utilizing the vehicle for personal reasons. The loan term can differ from 1 to 5 years. It is accessible with both variable and set interest rate. Its rates are lesser than other car funding products.

Car Loan

It allows the credit provider/lender to take security on the car that you’re purchasing. It assists them in guarding their investment. To get accepted for car finance, you should buy your car from an accredited car trader. You have the advantage of picking a continuing loan in addition to the residual value.

Personal Loan

These loans can be unsecured or secured. If you choose a secured one, it will not be held against the vehicle that you’re purchasing. The interest rates are a little higher; however; you get gains of flexible loan conditions and simpler authorization requirements.

Therefore, these are the accessible options. Once you pick the car financing alternative, you can submit an application with a lender or merchant. On the other hand, do not be in a rush. Take enough time in settling on the things stated in this car finance guide. It will assist you in picking a beneficial and profitable financing package that will not stress you out.

Sep 15, 2016 - SEO- Helping Businesses Get Better Revenues

Want to increase your revenue with SEO services?

Thinking of starting an online business? Before you actually decide on hiring SEO companies in Melbourne, Australia, make sure to read the following tips.

Whether yours is a small or large business, SEO can help get you ranked in the top search results. This is done by using a variety of methods. Most SEO companies provide web designing services as well. A good looking website though doesn’t necessarily get you loyal customers. It’s actually a combination of the right SEO and social media marketing strategies along with a snazzy looking website which helps get businesses noticed.

So if you want your brand to be acknowledged and your presence to be felt make sure you hire an SEO company with the following features.

Hiring the right SEO Company

There are about thousands of SEO companies who promise to get your website ranked in the top search results. The question is how you know which one is just right for your specific business needs. The following tips will help you find good SEO companies in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Check out whether they have the necessary experience. This would help your business achieve higher visibility.
  • Make sure you take a look at some of the references they provide. Whether they are serving loyal clients. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask businesses which work with them to tell you how they have helped the business grows.
  • Make sure you hire an ethical SEO firm. This means they use white hat SEO techniques. Make sure you don’t fall prey to companies which use black hat methods like spamming to get your website more visibility. Spamming can only result in your site getting banned from search engines for good.
  • Beware of companies which charge you sums too good to be true. That’s because SEO is actually hard work. Being on the top rank is not the issue. What actually matter is that your website stays on top. For this you need ongoing SEO services.
  • Well known SEO firms don’t just consist of few people. In fact they employ a number of people from content writers, link ninjas to web design specialists. When you hire a well known SEO company you can rest assured that they use ethical methods of getting you the desired ranking.
  • SEO is definitely not a one man show. Beware of companies which aren’t actually a company but a band of few people making tall claims.

Contact an SEO Company today

All the above mentioned tips can help you find the best SEO companies in Melbourne, Australia. Finding a good SEO company is now easier than ever. If you want further information on the right SEO strategies for your business make sure you consider the practice of SEO (search engine optimisation). The following are a few reasons why you should hire someone for your SEO needs.

  • They provide better leads which in turn helps businesses get the correct recognition.
  • They make use of a variety of SEO tools and keep upgrading their strategies to provide you with the best services.

They have some of the best long term relationships with past clients. That’s because they provide quality ongoing SEO services.

Sep 14, 2016 - Suggestions for Selecting the Best Home and Office Security System

Commercial LocksmithCriminal acts have escalated greatly within the past decade or thereabout, raising concerns about securing the safety of people and their belongings or premises. Burglaries and thefts occur regularly at different places which has prompted an elevated state of alertness among most individuals.

Owners of homes and businesses can mitigate such incidences by installing some type of security module, which is now a primary requirement for many houses and offices. However, some individuals can tell exactly how the technology works, making it the more challenging relying upon a particular system for too long. Another way is by utilizing locksmith services for installation of high-security alarm and access control systems.

Access Control Systems – Installation Tips

Security modules among them Access Control systems have remained a reliable way of keeping private or business premises secure from various forms of intrusion possible. They are popular among home owners as it provides a complete solution to home security, and you can visit this website for Access Control details including installation tips and more.

History and Implementation

In general, CCTV works through a cable or transmitter to achieve connectivity to the World Wide Web. This facility projects live feed of video cameras positioned in various parts of property. Such equipment can store live images in a hard disk making it possible to conduct references in future if it becomes necessary. Originally applied during the 1940s, CCTV technology has turned into one of the security modules utilized widely today.

Importance of CCTV Technology and its Application

CCTV surveillance systems are in fact vital systems for securing different facilities. It helps to know where to utilize them in particular as follows:

Home & Personal Services

Individuals concerned about the possibility of experiencing an intrusion in their homes, or just securing their families, stand to gain in great ways by installing CCTV cameras. Installing one of them helps in tracking each slight activity going on within the house even when the owner is absent.

Commercial Locksmith Services

It is nearly impossible conducting manual tracking of each person at the office with naked eyes. Having an effective surveillance system ascertains that each incident, entry as well as exit gets recorded. A locksmith that specialises in commercial applications will be able to install this type of system for you. The following commercial locksmith website offers some affordable solutions for your business.

Retail Outlets

Access ControlOutlets for retail functions regularly fall prey to acts of shoplifting. It is vital for large outlets to install video cameras as well as CCTVs. This ensures one does not experience losses in terms of stock.


The failure and success of any business entity involved in manufacturing is ultimately dependent upon the dedication workers put into the factory. Installing a surveillance system ascertains that one is able to monitor the activity of workers, along with motivating them to work with even greater diligence.

It is prudent to avoid taking careless risks when dealing with matters of securing personal and business premises.

How Commercial Locksmiths Can Help

Licensed locksmiths work with great professionalism. Ensure consulting them when planning to secure either business or domestic property. They empower clients with ability of managing affairs of security with competence, regardless of the facilities involved. Commercial locksmith services can undertake a raft of measures to secure any type of business premises. This includes the following:

  • Installing door closers
  • Installing access control system
  • Installing alarms
  • Installing bars
  • Replacement and repair of locks
  • Repairs and retrofitting
  • Re-keying of locks
  • Installing locks systems

Intruders possessing good amount of knowledge regarding such systems can break into a home without struggles. As such, it is advisable conducting upgrades of whichever security gadgets are in place constantly to reinforce security status of the home.

Jun 8, 2016 - Solar Power And Its Benefits for Your Home

Solar panels on a Melbourne home

Solar power is on a journey to establish itself as one of the primary energy producing sources in the next few years. With solar power run cars, boats, buses and bikes, people have now begun using solar cells at home as well. There are several benefits of using solar energy at home. Apart from other things, the most significant reason that has led to the use of solar power at home is the fact that it does not damage the environment. Apart from this, there are several other benefits of installing solar panels at home such as the following:

  1. A drastic reduction in utility bills

According to this website installing solar panels in the home, the only source of electricity producing energy that remains integral for smooth running is the sun. Other sources initially used to power houses can be minimized or completely stopped. Solar power allows you to monitor the energy being used at home, whereas other utility bills only seem to increase their limit over time. Hence with the installation of solar panels people can focus on enhancing their lifestyle rather than paying off their utility bills.

  1. Reliable

The sun’s energy is a reliable source; it is abundant and is not dependent on variable conditions prone to fluctuations. Therefore, this is not the kind of source which is under the threat of running out any time soon and can always be counted on. Once installed, these panels can be used for more than 25-30 years of time.

  1. Easy to use

The installation of these panels is quite simple; they do not require a lot of parts or smaller attached gadgets that would otherwise make it complicated. After installation, the only remaining concern becomes the sun’s rays which are plentiful .

  1. Improves the environment

One of the most visible benefits of using solar panels is that they sustain the sanctity and beauty of the environment. Without producing harmful gases that cause health issues and damaging the ozone layer, solar panels provide people with the same luxuries. They significantly reduce the quantity of gases released into the atmosphere and with it also the danger of global warming. Thus the risk of floods, hurricanes and other drastic climatic changes is somewhat controlled.

  1. Improves the lifestyle

The cause of frustration in people rises when their job demands the use of computers and other gadgets that require electricity, and then the price of it rises. However with solar panels installed this concern can be brought down a great deal as people will no longer have to fret over the amount of energy being used.

Therefore it can be safe to conclude that the use of solar energy in the day to day routine can truly bring a marked improvement in the lifestyle of people. The money spent inevitably on the payment of bills and installation of other miniscule things to make their lives easier can be cut down. By utilizing a naturally abundant source people can enrich their lifestyle, their environment and counter their frustration with a peaceful and healthier living.

So if there are individuals out there still battling the question of whether they should install a solar panel in their homes or not should rest assured of its benefits. Visit the following website to find out more useful information about solar battery storage costs. They must identify themselves with all its advantages and be aware of the fact that this may be the first step into a brighter future.